People need business plans for many reasons. The following is a partial list of business plans we prepared last year for multifarious needs of our clients. The order of the list is based on the number of business plans we prepared for each type of reason.

business plan 2 business plan 4marketing

Applying for Business Loan or Financing
Raising Equity for Business
Requirement of Landlord for renting a space in a plaza or a shopping mall
Internal use of management/owner of a business
Part of the requirement of business immigration to Canada

Each business plan is different and to ensure that it serves the purpose of it’s user, in-depth research, calculation and iterations are required.

At the least, a business plan must include:

An Executive Summary
Description of the business
Products and Services to be offered
Qualification, experience and expertise of the management team
Industry Trend
Market Analysis
Analysis of the competition
SWOT Analysis
Five years of projected financial statements

As mentioned before, there are many different audiences for business plans. Hence it is very important to keep in mind and anticipate what the audience would like to see in a business plan and which part of the plan they are interested in. As for example, when a business plan goes to credit officer of a bank, the first thing the credit officer will see is the cash flow and whether it is adequate to service the loan he/she is going to approve. On the other hand, an investor will be interested in the growing value of the company, return on investment and the exit strategy.

We have prepared over 1,000 business plans over the past five years, we know what the reader will look for and we support our numbers with sound logic and solid reasoning.

Many of our business plans are exciting success stories and we are eager to discuss those in a face to face meeting. Please call us at 647-528-1586